Season Ticket Placement

BASEBALL I confirmed something I expected.  A ticket representative with the Detroit Tigers (and probably any pro sport organization) cannot put your season seats someplace where a singleton is left.  Six seats were left in row 1 of the newly repriced Section 337.  I need five.  I probably should have taken all six given the […]


Tweeting from Jing

NOT BASEBALL You can tweet directly from Jing (A Techsmith image/video capture and storage software) now.  You just have to add a button by going to the settings.  As part of adding the button you will need to log onto your Twitter account and get a pin number.  It will save me a step when […]



BASEBALL I need to thank Colin Wyers at  The Hardball Times for writing Databases for sabermetricians, Part One. He has introduced me to databases and SQL.  I should probably understand this better so I can know how data is pulled from our College’s databases. Using queries I researched the top paid players all-time as Detroit Tigers. […]