The Bullpen and a Bat


It’s been awhile since I’ve made a serious post about baseball learning.  It is going to be longer.  Maybe once the start of the semester is past I’ll be able to read a couple good baseball articles.

In the meantime my daughter went to Tigersfest and discovered a couple of inside jokes in the Comerica bullpen.  Someone taped “No Fumar” on the wall.  I’m not sure who shouldn’t be smoking and whether it is literal or figurative.  She also said she saw Bobby Seay’s name painted on a lot of the the bench spaces.  I don’t get that either, but it must mean something, right?

No Fumar

She also talked her grandpa into buying a game-used autographed bat at the Foundation store.  The Tigers had lost its pedigree and that is why it ended up at a discount in the Foundation Store.  Using the number and initials on the bat we discovered it was Brian Hunter (CF 1997-1999).  So what did I learn?  The Tigers must have a lot of storage space.  They even moved unknown equipment from Tiger Stadium to Comerica!

Brian Hunter Bat

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