I didn’t forget about you NOT BASEBALL.  But, spring training has started. 

Today I experimented with Mindomo.  It is useful for making Mindmaps- visual outlines of a topic.  You can add pictures and links to your map.  I can see it being useful for outlining a topic for students- like factoring- and then including links to sites to practice, or see more examples on one of the subtopics. 

Here is one I created today.  I went a little meta-


This took 30 minutes to design.  I had trouble with the links at first.  You have to focus where you want the link before creating it.  I managed to delete all the ones that ended up where they didn’t belong.  I’m still not sure how I deleted them.  I also chose a template with white fonts.  When you chose that template you cannot see text as you edit.  The background of the editor is also white.  The free account does not let you upload your own pictures.  Otherwise I’d have something more exciting than a file cabinet as the Comerica Park image.

Despite these problems I’ll use Mindomo again.  I can only create 7 mind maps for free.  (I probably should have chosen a better topic for my first.)  Then I’ll have to choose whether to pay $3 per month, or not.  If I make and use one a month it would be worth it.

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