National League Swag 2010


Well, I couldn’t stop myself.  Here are the number of giveaways I counted for each National League team.

Arizona 23
Atlanta 2
Chicago 35 (This is a surprise- I don’t think Chicago needs these as a draw.)
Cincinnati 24 (In a surprising lack of brand protection May 26 is Pet Waste Bag Dispenser day.)
Colorado 15
Florida 35 (I would not want to go on June 19 which is Marlin airhorn day.)
Houston 21
Los Angeles 26
Milwaukee 31  (They have far fewer if you do not count coupon giveaways.)
New York 19
Philadelphia 18
Pittsburgh 41  (The promotion manager must desparately hope for a couple winning seasons.)
San Diego 29
San Francisco 20  (The skateboard decks being given away May 30 look to be awesome for hanging display, or for use as a skateboard.)
St. Louis 23
Washington 24

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