AFT Higher Education Conference


At the AFT Higher Education conference this week I learned about the Bologna Process that many European schools are using to improve their transparency to students. I also learned about an International Standardized series of exams that go by the acronym AHELO. Since I want to do more reading and need to catch up my work in my courses longer posts on these will come in April.

I also learned that recent court decisions treat academic speech more like the speech of an employee. Colleges can discipline teachers for most speech. Speech in the classroom related to the discipline remains protected for the most part. The decisions can be dangerous for shared governance as promotions have been successfully denied to teachers who criticized administrative decisions.

Finally, without giving too many details arbitration can vary a lot from arbitrator to arbitrator in labor contract disputes. This is another session where I have reading to do. One thing I learned that was obvious in hindsite is that if language is deemed ambiguous in a contract often an arbitrator will rule against the party who drafted the language.

Oh. And Supershuttle will sometimes make you get up way to early to get from San Jose to SFO. You may even have time to blog on your phone.

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