Tigers Not Much Younger


Many have talked and written about the Tigers getting younger.  I decided to look at at the ages of the players on the opening day rosters in 2009 and 2010.  I arbitrarily chose to use ages on May 1.

The Tigers are about 1/2 a year younger on average.  The average age went from around 28.8 to 28.4 years.  Despite this it does seem like a better and a team that will get younger the next few years.

The age did not fall so much because:

1.  The returning players are a year older.  But, many of these players are under 30 and will not decline much or actually may get better.  Some of the older veterans- notably Guillen and Ordonez- are bound to have better years.

2.  Damon is in his mid-30’s, but is only signed to a 1-year deal.  When he departs the average age will likely drop.

3.  Don Kelly, a 30 year old journeyman, will likely not be with the team long.

4.  Ryan Raburn is older now than Josh Anderson was last year.  Thankfully we have Raburn on the team instead of Anderson, however.

Tigers 2009 Opening Day Roster (May 1 Ages) Tigers 2010 Opening Day Roster (May 1 Ages)
Infield Infield
Miguel Cabrera  26 Miguel Cabrera  27
Placido Polanco  33 Scott Sizemore  25
Adam Everett  32 Adam Everett  33
Brandon Inge 31 Brandon Inge  32
Ramon Santiago  29 Ramon Santiago  30
Jeff Larish  26 Don Kelly  30
Outfield Outfield
Magglio Ordonez  35 Magglio Ordonez  36
Curtis Granderson  28 Austin Jackson  23
Marcus Thames  32 Johnny Damon  36
Josh Anderson  26 Ryan Raburn  29
Carlos Guillen  33 Carlos Guillen  34
Catchers Catchers
Gerald Laird   29 Gerald Laird  30
Matt Treanor  33 Alex Avila  23
Starting Pitchers Starting Pitchers
Justin Verlander  26 Justin Verlander  27
Rick Porcello  20 Rick Porcello  21
Armando Galarraga  27 Max Scherzer  25
Edwin Jackson  25 Jeremy Bonderman  27
Zach Miner  27 Dontrelle Willis  28
RH Relief Pitchers RH Relief Pitchers
Brandon Lyon  30 Jose Valverde  32
Fernando Rodney  32 Eddie Bonine  29
Eddie Bonine  28 Joel Zumaya  25
Juan Rincon  30 Ryan Perry  23
Ryan Perry  22  
LH Relief Pitchers LH Relief Pitchers
Bobby Seay  30 Fu-Te Ni  27
Nate Robertson  31 Phil Coke  27
  Brad Thomas  32

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