Detroit Tiger Salaries


I followed a link at the Cot’s contract site to get Detroit Tiger salaries for a review activity in a pre-algebra class.  (Follow the highlighted 2010 once at the site.)

I am going to have students calculate the median and mean salaries so we can discuss why there is a large difference between these numbers.  (A large difference in dollars and also in mass if you consider that much of  the difference is named Miguel.) 

So, if you are curious I learned that the Tigers mean salary is $4,442,692 and the median is $1,375,000.  These salaries do not include Nate Robertson and the site I got them from pro-rates bonuses over the life of the contract.  28 players are included- the twenty five on the active roster along with Jacob Turner (large signing bonus), Zach Miner (DL) and Bobby Seay (DL).

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