June 15 (10-9)


This game was brutal for the first five innings.  In every half inning at least one batter reached.  Each pitcher was throwing around 20 pitches an inning.  Fortunately Scherzer also struck out nine and Ryan Raburn hit his first home run of the season- a three-run, no-doubter to left and the Tigers won 7-4.  The bullpen was excellent in its three innings.  Coke pitched 1 1/3 with no one reaching.  Zumaya pitched 2/3 with no one reaching.  Valverde hit a batter and walked a batter, but also struck out two batters.

The most interesting part of the evening for us was when during warm ups Miguel Batista walked to where my daughter was standing along the wall near the right field pole and extended his hand.  When she shook his hand he introduced himself as Evan Longoria.  Every team has a pitcher with this degree of silliness, I think.  It’s called Octavio Dotel syndrome.

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