WordPress Blogs for Course Announcements


I discovered today that it takes only a few seconds to set up a WordPress blog.  I plan to use this for my course announcements next semester.  I can still update on my smart phone when needed using the WordPress app. 

Creating the site and entering a couple posts was done within a few minutes.  Uploading a picture for the menu bar took a couple tries because the navigation for resizing the picture was having some flaky problems. 

The New Blog for Course Announcements
The New Blog for Course Announcements

 Adding links was easy- but there was no place to store documents so I am still using the public folder in Dropbox for that.

One advantage for the students is that their is a pull down menu that will allow them to look at messages that are only for their course.  I will not have to battle the artificial 140 character limit either.

 I’ll decide at the end of the semester whether I prefer this to Twitter for updating course announcements.


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