September 20 (30-22)

Porcello Does Not Take the Fifth

I visited the Tigers Club before the game with my sister and some of her friends.  The food is great, but it’s easy to run up a pretty good tab at a $30 buffet with $8 drinks and an 18% service charge.  Everyone should go once- exactly once.

The Tigers took a 4-0 lead.  Porcello, however, gave up 5 runs in a 7 hit fifth inning.  He only struck out 2 batters in 5.1 innings.  The lack of strike outs he often has caught up with him this time.

The best story of this game was Will Rhymes first MLB home run.  He hit a two run homer off Zack Greinke to put the Tigers back in the lead.  It hit the railing above the right field seats and was originally ruled in-play.  After a replay Rhymes, who had made it to third, jogged the last 90 feet.  I have yet to hear if he was the first player to have his first home run confirmed by replay.  Since replay is just over two years old he might be.

The Tigers won 7-5.

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