Die, Graphing Calculators, Die


This is more or less about an iPhone app so I thought it would be ironic not to post from my phone. So imagine NOT BASEBALL is bold and red.

For years I’ve predicted the demise of graphing calculators. First, I thought teachers and students would use spreadsheets instead. Then I thought software on PDA’s would finish them off. They are still here with their single functions, clunky displays and $125 price tag.

Well, GraphCalc, the $0.99 app on my iPhone just added support for inequalities. Compare these images to a typical graphing calculator. You’ve got dotted lines, color and a detailed display. While newer calculators are somewhat better as far as display they are still only usable as calculators. Hence, the title of this entry.

Stay tuned until 2016 when I predict the demise of graphing calculators again.




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