44 Degrees on May 16, Seriously?



This night was cold.  So cold that after 5 innings we took a 1.5 inning break in the Tiger Club.  We were upset that we didn’t get service for over half an inning.  But, the guy with the different colored shirt comped our desserts.  We thought free desserts and 10 more minutes of warmth was a fair deal for missing an extra 1/18 of the game. We needed the free desserts because although this game was on the Friday plan the cookie lady brought popcorn instead.

The game itself had a couple of strange pitching performances.  Scherzer threw 7 innings.  He allowed 8 hits and only one run.  Oddly he only struck out 2.  Normally Scherzer strikes out far more than that.  Drabek for the Blue Jays also went 7 innings.  He only allowed 3 hits.  But, he somehow walked 6 while allowing only one run.

In the eighth inning Benoit gave up 3 runs on 4 hits.  The first was a single on which Inge did not seem to react.  It looked playable from dozens of yards away.  The other hits- a double and two more singles looked to be hit hard.  When I got home I scurried to Fangraphs.  Benoit’s FIP and BABIP suggest he will get better as the season goes along.  He is still striking out over 7 batters per 9 innings.   I still wonder if it will correct enough to make him worth the huge contract he signed.

Dirks debuted. He walked in his first plate appearance. He singled in his second. He was then picked off first. He flew out to left in his third plate appearance. When the Jays switched to a lef-handed pitcher Raburn pinch hit for Dirks in the 8th.  It looks like a pure platoon, maybe, for Dirks and Raburn.

J-honny (that’s how I pronounced it when he was on the Indians) hit what I thought was a meaningless home run in the ninth.  It tunrs out Peralta’s home run meant the Tigers still had an extra-base hit in every game this year.  I know that is not much meaning, but had I known that at the time I would have been excited.

The bullpen is mildly worrisome.  As I type this the Indians are beating KC 19-1 after 8.  The Tigers might not be able to afford too many more late inning collapses if the Indians keep playing well.  Our first year as season ticket holders, 2009,  we had some exciting baseball when a mediocre team played almost well enough.  The second year we had a lot of great once-in-a-lifetime experieces like throwing out first pitches.  Hopefully the Tigers get the bullpen settled.  I would like this to be something other than the cookie-lady year.

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