With a Name Like Furbush You Have to Be Good


Quickly because I have to work tomorrow:

We left late and arrived late because we waited for the start time to be announced due to thunderstorms in the area.  The 15-year old drove to the ballpark.  This went better than expected.

The cookie lady brought mint chocolate chip.  They were very good.  The chips were mint chocolate chips and green food dye gave the cookies themselves a greenish tint.

Andy Dirks had his first career home run.  It landed in the groundskeeper area in right field.

Furbsh debuted when Coke sprained his ankle in the fourth.  He walked his first batter.  Ball 4 was questionable.  Then he struck out the next two to end a bases loaded threat.  I had his line as 3.2 innings pitched with 1 walk, 2 hits, 3 strike outs and a hit batsman.  He ended up with the win.

Benoit pitched a 1-2-3 eighth.  Section 217 did not approve of Benoit pitching.  I dissented figuring someone had to pitch it.  Leyland can’t really have much faith in anyone in the Tigers pen right now.

We left with two out in the top of the ninth and the score 6-1.  Evidently Valverde did not do well.  It was 6-3 with two out when we got to the car.  Damon lined out to finish the game.

Meanwhile the Indians rallied to win in the bottom of the eighth. Boo.

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