Wow. The Twins Are Awful


I decided to go solo.  The kids are infatuated with the swim club as it just opened for the season and since it is 90 degrees.  I wanted to exchange some tickets, too, and you get better ones in person.   Anyone want five tickets in Section 323 Row 4 for the June 14 game?  Really, anyone.  I think I’m a couple over my limit of 8 exchanges (26 going on 29).  Both works and baseball loving friends and relatives all have seats.

I also like the people by me in the Friday plan.  They bring cookies and like power hitters and strike outs.  I was pretty sure this was a Friday plan game.

It was a Saturday plan game.  The Saturday crowd likes bunts.  They dislike Ryan Raburn even more than he deserves.  They don’t bring cookies.  On the bright side they did know that the entertaining beer guy is named Dennis and now I know it, too.

Since I have to work tomorrow I will not give a full recap.  Here are a few things that were interesting to me.  The seagulls are back.  In the early inning noise flares were used between innings to scare them off.  Cabrera walked three times- twice intentionally.  Scherzer was bad again.  He had 7 strike outs in 7 innings, but allowed 7 runs including two home runs to Morneau.  I believe Scherzer revived Ortiz’s career by allowing two home runs last year in a game, too.  The game was back and forth and the Tigers took the lead for good, 8-7,  on a sacrifice fly by Boesch in the eigth.

In keeping with the title I will list some Twin mistakes.

  • Tolbert went for a fielders choice at third and threw it wildly allowing an additional run to score and prolonging the fifth inning.
  • A wild pick off throw allowed Jackson to go from first to third in the sixth.
  • Jackson tried to sacrifice in the eigth.  The Twin pitcher tried for the play at second.  The throw was poor and both runners were safe.
  • The catcher, Rivera, tagged Cabrera with his mitt.  The ball was in his hand.  This turned out OK for the Twins as the home plate umpire was fooled by this sleight of hand.
  • The blew 3-0 and 7-6 leads.

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