Hutchison Brings His A Game Against Bees


We wanted to buy graduation gifts for some of my daughter’s friends who will be attending Michigan State.  So we went to East Lansing to buy some gifts and gift cards from Grand River Avenue businesses.  While there we decided to watch the Lansing Lugnuts (Blue Jays) play the Burlington Bees (Athletics- get it?).

The Lugnuts won 6-0.  I noticed that the Bees made a number of poor throws to first during the game that allowed runners to advance to second or third.  The player I was most impressed with was Drew Hutchison, the Lansing starter.  I don’t know enough to tell live what kind of pitcher he is.  (6 shut out innings with 9 strike outs is an indication he is at least OK.)  His fielding was  excellent though.  The first batter lined out to Hutchison who reacted quickly, almost nonchalantly, to get it.  Later he fielded a hard hit ground ball in a way that impressed the crowd.

My daughter asked the Lugnut spirit crew how you get to participate in games between innings.  They then picked her to be one of five kids to run a shoe shuffle relay.  She came in second of five contestants.  The Lugnuts gave each child a pass good for one free ticket.  (Oh, you clever marketing department- it may have worked if it wasn’t over an hour drive.)

The stadium itself has excellent food.  There is a booth that makes Americanized Mexican dishes like burritos and taco salads.  There are various grills- sausages, barbeque turkey legs or barbecue ribs, hamburgers.  I had a fresh grilled burger with crumbled blue cheese melted on top.  It was delicious.

We parked on Cedar just north of the stadium for $5.  Cedar is one way towards I-496 which is the best way back to Detroit.  The only drawback was that they closed Cedar for post-game fireworks, including the sidewalks.  It is possible to find your way to your car and exit another way on Museum drive, however.

Good Seats- Except in the Top of the Seventh
Good Seats- Except in the Top of the Seventh

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