Verday is the Best Day of the Week


Last June 2 I had a lot of season ticket trade-in tickets.  I gave them to relatives, I gave them to coworkers, I gave them to friends of coworkers.  June 2 was a pretty good game last year.   This year I had even more tickets due to a slow Tiger start and a cold May.  Certainly there could be no repeat, today, on this June’s trade-in day?

Well, Justin Verlander, pitched a complete game, 2 hit shut out.  He had a no hitter with one out in the 8th.  He struck out 12 Indians including4 strike outs of Grady Sizemore.  Jackson also caught a ball that would have been a home run in the 2nd.

I think even when someday I am no longer a season ticket holder I will look up when the June trade in day is and pick up a couple tickets.

Free Ticket
Trade-In Ticket

PS The slow start is over. The Indians and Tigers were tied for first going into this game.

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