Wild Thing


I write this on my phone in the backyard since it is such a nice evening. So typos will probably be worse than usual. I’ll be at KC Thursday to Saturday next week and the same will apply.

It was Verlander cape day. The children seemed pleased with them despite probably being outside the age demographic. Radio Disney had all low value prizes today. We won and gave away lots of Cars 2 sunglasses. (They only fit very young children).

Again as I’m on my back porch this is just from memory. Porcello was effectively wild today. He had two wild pitches, other pitches that airmailed the catcher, three hit batsmen, and two walks. He also had more strike outs than usual. He pitched seven innings. He got the win when Magglio singled in the go ahead run with two out in the bottom of the seventh.

Raburn made a diving catch in the eighth to save two runs for Benoit. Then in the bottom of the eighth Inge tripled in two insurance runs. (This paragraph feels like a lie with the way the season has gone.)

Valverde allowed a couple base runners, but no runs in the ninth. The Tigers won 6-4.


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