Verday Is Supposed to Be More Fun


Verlander allowed 5 runs.  4 of those came in one inning assisted by a Raburn error and Peralta’s lack of range.  Cabrera also tried to barehand a squeeze play to make the play at the plate and got no outs.

The cookie lady did not come.

In addition to the Raburn error, Purcey walked a lefty and allowed a single to the next batter clearing the bases of inherited runners.  Since I was a mild Sizemore supporter this pair of outcomes is especially bitter.

This was the worst Verday ever.

Cabrera did get his 1499th and 1500th hits.  I especially enjoyed his 1499th hit.  It was a two-run home run.  Ordonez reached on a strike out on a Pierczynski passed ball just before the home run.  That was fun. 

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