Possible Trivia Answer: Duane Below and Brandon Inge Eras Did Overlap


The Tigers lost 7-5 to the A’s.  We were at the game with guests so I didn’t keep socre this is from memory and might not be totally accurate.

Duane Below made his first Major League start.  He allowed 3 run, 1 earned in 5+ innings.  .  He did not strike out many so I wasn’t blown away.  But, he did seem to have the composure needed to pitch on a big stage.  Despite errors in the third by Guillen and an infield single on a ball of him (among other stuff) he managed to limit the damage to two runs.  He pitched another thwo scoreless innings.  Leyland lifted him in the sixth when he gave a lead off home run to Matsui.

Most of the bullpen pitched OK.  Unfortunately Purcey walked the only three batters he faced to start the seventh.  Benoit came in and gave up a sacrifice fly and some ground ball singles.  Awful pitching by Purcey and bad luck on balls in play for Benoit cost the game.  I suspect Purcey is a sleeper agent for the Athletics.  Or, he is a bad pitcher.

The Tigers traded prospects to acquire Wilson Betemit from the Royals to play third.  To make room Brandon Inge was designated for assignment.  While it was time for Brandon Inge to go it will seem odd to have a roster without him.  The rumor is he will accept an assignment to Toledo if he clears waivers rather than declaring free agency.

Since Guillen was playing instead of Raburn and since Inge wasn’t playing at all the Saturday people did not whine at all.  Other than Purcey misunderstanding that the games promotion of Christmas in July didn’t mean give the opposition gifts this was a pleasant evening at the ball park.

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