2/3 Point of the Season


Today three of the AL Central teams played their 108th game.  The season is 2/3 of the way done for at least two of those teams.

The Twins are playing 0.500 ball.  They needed to be playing 0.600 ball.  Now they will have to win 2/3 their games to get to 86 wins.  The chart below assumes the Twins complete their loss to the A’s today.  If not,  I’m sure they will pick up that extra loss in a day, or two.

The Indians continue to struggle.  They have traded a number of prospects for Ubalso Jimenez.  I guess they could have some luck late in the season.  Otherwise this looks like a foolish move.  He will get them a couple more wins.  They probably needed a lot more help, however.

The Tigers seems stuck around 5 over 0.500.  They did pick up a pitcher at the deadline and so hopefully will get more than 2 wins from the fifth rotation spot in the last 10 or 11 tries.  They have 4 wins on the season from that spot so far.

The White Sox seem to go on a losing streak whenever they get back to 0.500.

And all the Central Teams have allowed more runs than they have scored.

The AL Central:  The Pride of Major League Baseball
The AL Central: The Pride of Major League Baseball

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