Flying Ants and Austin Jackson Attack!!!!


For a game with some controversy and AL Central championship implications the biggest story for the first few innings was the flying ant invasion at Comerica.  They were everywhere- on the score card, on  clothing, on  skin.  Eventually either the fans killed enough of them to end the attack or the excitement of the game caused me not to notice them anymore.

Tomlin of the Indians and Scherzer of the Tigers only allowed one walk and both held the other team scoreless through 5 innings.  In the bottom of the 6th Austin Jackson hit a two-run homer.  This is turning into a really incredible post, but ants really did attack and Jackson really did homer.

In the top of the 7th Scherzer allowed one run on two hits.  The second hit came after Joe West missed a called third strike on Chisenhall that would have ended the inning.  Hence the quotes around Scherzer’s stat line.

Scherzer's Outing
Scherzer's127 Pitch Outing

In the 7th with two outs Avila and Peralta hit home runs on consecutive pitches. The Tigers won 4-1 when Benoit and Valverde retired the Indians in order in the 8th and 9th. It was good to see the bullpen work how it is supposed to work.

It was Friday and the cookie lady brought chocolate chip cookies with caramel melted in them. They were chewy and delicious.

Finally we will also remember this game because one of the men sitting in front of us only knew one adjective and adverb.

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