Amusing Dell “Customer Service” Update


I deleted an email from Dell with instructions on how to install software on my daughter’s PC.  It might not have mattered anyway since we found our way to the download site, but they did not have the service tag from her machine entered in their database.  After a couple tries I got the service tag in the database, then got the letter resent, but the directions in it failed.

My latest exchange with Dell is kind of amusing.  Obviously the emails crossed since the download letter comes from a different address than that used by the customer service representative.  It’s still funny.

MY LATEST EMAIL TO DELL (Fri Aug 26 11:31:22 2011):

The email was resent. My daughter followed the instructions given. (She had to change a password, too).

She got this error: 
Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.

Dell really needs to go back to pre-installed software if this process won’t work. As she has to go to school Tuesday I guess Dell just took me for over $100 for software and we’ll have to buy it again at the bookstore. I’ll be sure everyone in my social networks knows what happened. Neither of my other daughters will use Dell machines when they reach college age. 


Jeff Morford

DELL’S EMAIL TO ME (Fri Aug 26 09:44:28 2011: That is 12:44 local time.)

Good morning!

 I have received a confirmation that the link for the downloadable software has been emailed you.

 I have forwarded a copy of the email in case you did not get it. Check the bottom of the email.

 Please follow the steps provided to download the software.

 I hope you are happy with the services provided by me.

 You might receive an email survey about my performance and requesting your feedback pertaining to the level of customer service I’ve provided. Please take a moment of your time to let Dell know how I am doing by responding to the email survey.

 Your confidence in Dell is my number one priority. Customer satisfaction has always been and will remain our top priority.

 In case you have any concerns you can reply to this email and I shall get back to you.

 Have a great weekend!

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  1. The solution to the Dell problem was to use a different browser. If they had respected me enough to move me up to real tech support I’d have 2 hrs back and they’d still have a customer.

    Their last email to me basically said contact the vendor. I don’t even know if they meant Microsoft. I guess they sell software, but aren’t responsible for delivery.

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