Ridiculously Fun Baseball


Before the game I walked by Ron Wade holding a t-shirt standing by a Tiger statue and I didn’t think to say, “Who’s your Tiger?”  And still I’m not disappointed at all.  The game overshadowed that disappointment.

Mr. Adequate gave up 4 runs in the first inning.  Would he settle in and still give the Tigers 5 innings?  Of course.

Will the Tigers infield somehow turn two double plays to help erase walks and hits Penny surrendered.  No doubt.

Would Avila, Santiago and Young hit home runs to help the offense  score 8 runs?  Sure.

Would Daniel Schlereth and Perry combine to pitch two innings without real trouble?  How could you doubt it?

If Benoit walks two runners will he somehow get out of the inning with a 3-run lead intact?  Pshaw.  He won’t even allow a run.

Would Valverde retire the Twins 1-2-3 in a non-save situation?  Really?  Need you ask?

Would Cleveland beat Chicago in the meantime to even their series and the losses those two teams are taking? Duh.

This has got to be about the most amazing stretch of baseball in Detroit for just over 27 years.

Since it was a Friday game the post is not omplete without mentionsing that the Cookie Lady brought crispy chocolate chips with toffee morsels in them.  These were great.  They can’t unseat the mint chocolate chip cookies from their top spot, however.

We also stayed for spectacular fireworks set to Star Wars soundtrack music.

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