Rats. See You Monday.


Well.  That was fun.  I kept imagining the updates in the Ranger game feed.  The Tigers are down 3-0.  The Tigers have tied it 3-3.  The Tigers are ahead 4-3 after a run scores on a wild pitch.  It is tied 4-4.  Jhonny Peralta homers to make it 5-4. Valverde gets the save.  Since the Angels-Rangers game was 1-1 for much of the second half of the Tigers game the excitement level was high at Comerica Park.  A win and a Ranger loss would have given the Tigers homefield advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

The Rangers fans had some anxiety about home field advantage, but they won their game in the ninth so the Tigers will go to New York on Friday to start the playoffs.

Some memorable things today:

  • Cabrera goes 2 for 4 to lock the batting titile in the AL.  This after Reyes asked to be lifted after a bunt single to capture the NL title earlier today.  Way to do it right, Miguel.
  • Jim Thome was used as a pinch hitter in the ninth.  He took Valverde to a full count before striking out.  That may have been his last at bat and I’ll admit to being nervous that he could tie it up.  He is still that scary late in his career.
  • Ryan Perry vultered the win.  I like vultured wins for some reason.

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