Memories of 2011


I tweeted some memories of the 2011 Tigers season last night. I thought I’d put them here with the idea that this may be less transient. The numbers aren’t rankings.

  1. Don Kelly pitching
  2. The Victor Martinez slide dance
  3. Avila plays almost all of August
  4. Cabrera’s steals when teams ignored him
  5. Avila wins the All Star voting
  6. Peralta hits better than expected
  7. Trading for Delmon Young when the Twins were in town
  8. Two MVP candidate on one team
  9. Justin Verlander triple crown and almost certain Cy Young
  10. Cabrera wins the batting title
  11. Benoit’s meltdown in Cleveland and the way he earned back fans’ trust
  12. 99 Twins losses
  13. Lamontroversy
  14. Brian Wilson’s meltdown
  15. Verlander vs. Weaver
  16. Inge first game back from Toledo
  17. Turner debuts
  18. Valverde does not blow a save. He sets the save record the same day Verlander wins number 100.
  19. El Q’s early outings
  20. Little Victor
  21. Leaving work early in April on a day Cabrera gets a walk off hit
  22. The win on Anderson’s number retirement day
  23. Free stuff from @tigers on Twitter
  24. 12 straight wins including two improbable comebacks against the White Sox
  25. “Oh, Jackson” part deux
  26. Fister K’s 14 Indians
  27. Catching the Indians the day before the All-Star break on a Verday
  28. Game 5 in Yankee Stadium
  29. 95 wins
  30. Avila’s break out season
  31. Fister’s last month and a half
  32. Verlander’s no hitter and the following home game

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