Getting Ready for AMATYC


I am not a huge fan of the iPad. It does not have flash so I cannot monitor all aspects of my classes when I travel. On the other hand it is smaller and does boot instantly which makes it better for carrying around at conferences and in airports. So I finally broke down and bought a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. This is a test of it. If I like how it goes I’ll bring it with to the conference instead of a laptop.

My hope is that I can write a brief post about each session I attend at the conference while I am there- or at worst at the end of each evening. That way I do not forget what I learned before I return. I will also have an easy way to share what happened at a session if I think it would be interesting for a colleague.

As a bonus, Netflix works quicker an easier on the iPad than on the laptop or phone.

I will try to insert a photo, too, to see how easy that is.


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