#AMATYC 6: Research in Developmental Education Classrooms


This session is billed as showing how students’ beliefs affected their performance. I hope it also describes how to improve the performance of students with beliefs that undermine their performance.

The session went too fast for notes and paying attention simultaneously. I will summarize when I can.

Attendance explains 6% of grade independently of variables with which it interacts. RECOMMENDATION:Have an attendance policy.

Teachers who interact with other teachers have students who perform better. It is not full or part-time status that mattered, but just that teachers discussed teaching with others. RECOMMENDATION: Expand the professional development sessions HFCC started this semester.

There was a relation between self-efficacy, race and grade that I did not understand from the graph. We then went to questions and discussion. It was a bit of a muddle since it was hard to focus on local discussion and question/answers. To be honest I’m not sure based on questions and answers that I got any of this right. I should perhaps email Linda Zientek for the Power Point to look at it when I have time to process.

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