#AMATYC Vendor Opening and Regional Meeting


Casio and Texas Instruments both finally have hi-res color displays on their front-line calculators. The cost for either is around $130. Amazingly graphing calculators still might have life over apps for a couple more years.

ALEKS now gives more specific help when students ask for help on a problem. This might help Mcgraw-Hill get a pre-algebra text adopted at HFCC.

Larson is offering textbooks for free online if students can accept ads. This may be worth investigating if the books are almost as good as their $150 competitors.

Pearson has demonstrations tied to the kernel of Mathematica (Wolfram-alpha) that come with their calculus and pre-calculus titles.

I have nothing interesting to report from the regional meeting. I would recommend the Midwest end early if they finish the agenda and not have open mike times, however.

At 9:30 I will take the prize test. One of the best Midwest region teachers (an HFCC teacher) cannot attend that session this year. I think the smart money is on the West this year.

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