#AMATYC 12 Pearson Sponsored Session on MyMathLab


I plan to attend this since so many HFCC courses use MyMathLab. I will have to leave somewhat early to attend my 12 o’clock session. This session claims to tell what is coming soon in MyMathLab.

Training information is available at http://mymathlab.com/training-resources

Here is what is coming in the next release:

  1. MyLabsPlus is talking to Datatel at Jenny Shotwell’s college. It automatically deactivates students who are no longer enrolled, for instance.
  2. You can stop sub-instructors from making changes. This is especially helpful if you have remote sites around the world.
  3. The entry page is customized for your school.
  4. You are assigned a shared technical person when you go to MyLabsPlus.
  5. The student interface that I replace with my blog has various dashboards, such as a display of grade.
  6. Multimedia Library is easier to access using expandable menus on the left.
  7. You can see the number of times that students visited a page in the reports.
  8. Coordinators can pull data from all sub-sections in one report.
  9. MyLabsPlus: You need 1000 users. The code alone costs $10 more. With the textbook it is the same price as regular MyMathLab.
  10. It is easier for novices to drop in other files.
  11. Since Pearson owns eCollege it can tweak it more than it could with Blackboard.
  12. You can use institutional purchase.

On an unrelated note, presenters, especially at a commercial session, should not frequently use the adjective retarded.

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