P.J. Somebody pitched a mediocre game allowing 3 runs in 7 innings. That was good enough to allow the Twins to win and sweep the Tigers in Detroit.

Notable things:

  1. This was better than working from 1 to 4.
  2. The Tigers’ first three hits were solo home runs.
  3. The fourth and last run for the Twins scored as a result of a Little League triple that resulted from Fielder missing a Fister throw on a dribbler. Fister looked angry. The last out that inning came back to the pitcher and Fister threw it very hard at Prince’s midsection.
  4. In the first and second a high hop grounder and liner near the third baseline got by Cabrera. I’m not sure other third basemen make those plays. I’m not sure they don’t either.

Hopefully the Tigers defense improves some, or their scoring improves by a run or two a game. Otherwise this season may turn out to be very disappointing.

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