True Result Pitcher!


It was 85 degrees today and Scherzer struck out more batters than I brought waters into Comerica Park.  Scherzer gave up a walk and two solo home runs.  But, he got 15 strike outs.  15 strike outs is the Comerica Park record and one away from the Tigers record held by Lolich.

Despite having 115 pitches it appeared Leyland would send Scherzer out for the 8th.  A long Tigers rally in the bottom of the 7th ended those plans.  Instead Dotel, Coke and Benoit finished the game.

It looked like Scherzer might take a tough loss as they trailed 2-1 after 6 1/2 innings.  The Tigers had only had a Peralta home run.  The Tigers scored 3 in the 8th capped by a two-run singe by Avila.  With the infield drawn in he hit it just hard enough to avoid the pitcher and shortstop to score the Young and Peralta.

Over the three-game series the Tigers struck out 41 Pirates, breaking the Tiger record for a 3-game series.

My youngest daughter missed out a on a Phineas doll when the overtime, pick-a-number- tie breaker went against her team in the _____-inator game.

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