Kayak Berry Complete Game

It seems every road series we go to the Tigers win 1 of the 3 we see. I guess this isn’t really surprising since the road team winning 1 of 3 is usually the most likely outcome. Since the Tigers lost the first two this was a sure win.

Also, Verlander was pitching. For the first 5 innings Verlander did not allow a hit out of the infield. He only gave up runs in the 7th on a two-run home run. This tied the game 2-2. Fortunately, Delmon Young singled in Berry in the 8th. Raburn caught a ball near the wall in the 8th. Verlander pitched a complete game as his position to bat was left on deck in the ninth.

In the first Quintin Berry hit his first MLB home run. Jackson was on base.

The Tigers probably need to start scoring more than 5 runs per series.

Before the game we kayaked on the Allegheny River. You can rent kayaks at the foot of the Sixth Street Bridge. The current is fairly tame so there is little risk of ending up in Cincinnati or New Orleans.


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