Brad, Brad, Brad Who?


We went to a Mud Hens game tonight.  Before the game we went to Frickers again.  Chunks were on sale.  I cannot tell you the difference between an order of boneless wings and a chunk.  If your cholesterol can handle it they taste fine.  The garlic ones go OK with Yuenling.

The Mudhens won the game 6-1.  Wilk struck out 7 and only allowed one hit in 6 innings pitchers.  John Lindsey hit two, 2-run home runs.  The first one came as I was explaining to my daughter that he was the replacement for the replacement for Brad Eldred.  Hitting the ball onto Monroe Street at just that moment helped me make the point.

We had entertaining neighbors.  At one point kids from a baseball team came down to try to wrangle a ball from relievers.  A fan whose view was blocked asked if they would sit down.  They said no.  I said too bad I didn’t have a peanut to throw.  The nice, young grandma behind me kindly supplied one.  I don’t think the child was hurt.

This same family had an infant that was surely under 1 month old.  The father and a friend or uncle decided they could use the baby to get a ball from a relief pitcher.  I was impressed with the father’s balance as he climbed over seats while holding the baby.  I was not surprised, however, that when the child’s mother returned the baby was back in the fourth row.  Grandma suggested that since the baby did not yield a ball perhaps the baby’s mother could flash the players for a ball.  She was a little more explicit though.

When the Little Leaguers came later my daughter shot the cap from an empty water bottle at them by stomping on it.  (I do not know where they learn this behavior.)  The kid on the other side of her explained that this is not how you shoot a water bottle cap and proceeded to twist the bottle and blow into the bottle and cast a dark spell.  When he fired the cap the bottle smoked afterwards.  It was impressive enough that the children were on Youtube on their phones on the ride home learning how to cast that spell themselves.  I’m pretty sure the Little League children were not permanently injured by this either.

Anyway, it was a great game.  The Mud Hens had an easy win at a game I attended- a rare combination.


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