@pearson Cripples Set-Course-Landing Feature in MyLabs


For a couple years I have used Twitter or a blog (http://morford.info) to post student announcements.  I set the homepage in MyMathLab to show either the Twitter feed or the blog posts specific to that course.

With the change to the new CMS shell I will have to change how I do this.  You can still change your landing page.  But, the only way to link to my content is to either:

1.  Have a link the students click, or

2.  Upload a static version of my web page.

I can no longer have my webpage show up live.

Choice 1 means that most students will not click to see the announcements.  Choice 2 means that every time I add an announcement I would have to go to the MyLab page and re-upload it.  I expect this would also meant that students could not see older content easily.  It also seems to defeat the point of web pages to require an upload when content changes.

The MyLab page (as far as I know) does not have a mobile app so that I can post images taken in the class room immediately for students.  It does not have an external URL (as far as I know) so that students can check announcements outside of class.  I do not know if you can easily drop in YouTube videos, or other videos and stills created by Jing/Screencast.

In short, the new MyMathLab CMS makes more work for me and makes me less able to support my students.

I’d love to hear that I missed a menu option or that I missed the section of the faculty directions that covered this.  I’d love to post a retraction in place of having to quit using my blog and start using the less convenient MyLab announcement page.

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