Great Family Mystery Solved


We have been all over Comerica Park, but not on the suite level.  Today suite seats were on Stubhub for a good price so my daughters and I decided to try them out. 

The suite itself was very small.  We are not sure if someone rented it and had their event fall apart or if the Tigers directly post to Stubhub sometimes to test the market for the seats.  The latter seems unlikely on a game where walk up business is expected and the game is not sold out.At any rate the suite seated 12 outside and had room for another 6 or so to see the game from the inside.  The seats themselves are not numbered although the tickes indicate a row and seat number on them.  The Suite was oversold for the number of people who wanted to sit outside.  We just stayerd in our seats all game.

The suite had essentially 3 families, and a guy from San Francisco who just wanted to see Comerica.  I think all of  us were doing the same thing- taking adavantage of a decent price for a good game to see a suite.

Even though there was no food there still was the advantage of being able to go into air conditionaing briefly between innings on a day when the game time temperature was 94 degrees.  The suite had a unisex bathroom so you never had to miss the game action walking to a rest room or waiting in line.  The suites have tap water and an ice maker in them so you can also save on concessions or at least save the trouble of carrying in water. 

The suite level had no concessions.  There are two stores on the suite levels.  Each of these stores is larger and better stocked than the stores by Section 344, Section 151 or behnd home plate in the upper deck.  Plus there are no crowds in these stores.

My youngest daughter discovered tha all the TV’s on the suite level use the same remote control.  Suite 104 was vacant yet she had all its TV’s on different channels.  She kept me updated on the MSU and BC socres.  (I did not particularly care about the BC score, but no sense wasting a TV.)

Oh yeah.  The Tigeers won 7-4.  Cabrera looked terrible at third base becasue of his ankle injury.  The Tigers made other defensive gaffes- in the fourth three infield hits and a hit batsman led to a run for Chicago.  But home runs by Cabrera and Peralta and a bases clearing double by Delmon Young helped the Tigers win.

So a great Comerica Park mystery is solved for us.  Now we just have to figure a way to get into the Champions Club one day for a reasonable price.

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