Season Ticket Release


We picked the wrong year to try to switch to a Saturday plan.  Last year we had a Sunday plan for the Tigers.  Since the children were less interested in going this year- especially when it was hot- I tried to switch to Saturday.  Now I am particularly picky about the area I want if I am going to pay for 27 or 28 games.  And I think the Tigers system for upgrades is if you happen to call right after a seat opens you are in luck.  The demand for seats given the World Series appearance last year combined with these other factors made the switch impossible.

It may be for the best anyway.  The Sunday plan had a lot of early day games that would be wasted.  The Tigers added $6 to the price of premium games hurting the profit on reselling the good games to make up for the overpriced early and late season games.  And Stubhub added an extra $1.50 charge to sellers.  Combine that with being a public employee in a state that is Republicans all the way down and it might just be a good time to save the money and just pick up some cheap tickets to a couple Tuesday games myself.

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