NADE 2013


I’m traveling to a professional conference this week, the National Association of Developmental Education. Since I have a fair sized gap between my last class and my flight departure I decided to catch up on some professional reading in the Mathamatyc Educator.

Before I get to that I wanted to point out I learned to keep my lounge passes on me. I could be using free Wifi in a comfortable chair in a Lufthansa (same alliance as United) lounge right now instead of typing on a phone at a gate. I also wanted to express sympathy for the couple from Tampa that has already been delayed two hours by Spirit for an equipment problem. If they are delayed much longer they may get a Michigan weather delay, too.

I read an article by Vaninsky that makes the point that using technology frees up working memory so that deeper problems can be considered. This isn’t new to me, but is a good reminder on one of the better ways to integrate technology in a lesson. Some concrete examples would have helped the article.

Teeguarden gave some examples of more authentic applications for an algebra class. I already use some of these ideas. The article would make a good introduction with concrete examples for a teacher ready to move beyond the textbook.

Yuan and Baishanski told of how computer mediated software could be improved to ask more how questions and to allow authentic interaction, rather than mimicking and checking. I hope their article motivates some publishers to upgrade software in the ways they indicate.

I read some other articles that I thought less useful as well. One talked about the Korean education system. Americans aren’t tough enough for that anymore. I may edit this post if I find any more useful ideas before my plane leaves.

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