QL Messy Problems (AMATYC Session)


I hope this session by Steenken is applicable to my fall 2015 teaching.

Steenken is an engineer and a former school board member.

Steenken uses messy the way many of us use authentic. He thinks it sounds less stilted.

How he solves, attributes and an example will be the the way we discuss messy problems in this session.

There is a hand out that I have and can share with those of you who want to be messy.

Flowchart- math and technology are tools to solve problems. They are backed by discipline knowledge and skills in reasoning.

2 or more disciplines of knowledge
Two math domains
Requires data
Life training
How to present the answer?

Gas price- didn’t include value of time
Included a follow up on what if you saved the money

This was OK, but not what I expected. I wish there were more focus on how it would work in the classroom.

Audience suggestions:
Field trip costs
Banquet costs
Air conditioning or furnace replacement
Social security 62, 67.5 or 70
Replace the car- borrow and buy now or save and replace later
Someone suggested a bunch of problems from Foley’s book
Change in boiling point due to altitude

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