2014 So Far



My goal a few years ago was to write a post a week or so to keep myself professionally active. Of course it is easy to get out of the habit. I also started tracking in person baseball games. It’s also easy to get out of that habit when you give up your season seats.

This year I’ve been to 4 Tigers games. I’ve had great seats at 2 of them. Folks resell at a good value if you are willing to go on a Tuesday in April or May. The most memorable play was a 2-5-3 strikeout by Cabrera. There was a wild pitch and the catcher threw to get an advancing Kinsler. Cabrera delayed then broke for first.

I also saw a game in Baltimore when at an AFT conference. The conference hotel overlooked the stadium. In fact I saw the Orioles walk off from the hotel lounge the next night.

Yesterday and today I looked at Pinterest as a place to store professional and baseball articles until I get to them. I guess it will work. Of course I have to remember to check in.

Below you will see the view from my Baltimore room and a strangely blank home run plaque on Eutaw Street.



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