AMATYC: 1:50 Session Thursday


Optimizing Developmental Math through Divergent Curriculum Paths

Flathead Community College (FTE 1400, HC 2300, DM 320/Fall)

They are trying to standardize and shorten paths and thereby improve success and retention.

Lots of questions about semi-related things. I am not fond of this audience. Also, questions like “Will you be posting this?” from people who should have gone to AMATYC 101.

They basically have something like our Redesign that supposedly targets everything.

High School Partnership Session

Bailing and going to a high school – college partnership session.

They are doing partnerships with high school teachers. They develop lessons and deliver them in the high school classroom.

The one they showed was a lot of work around a rate times time equals distance problem. The problem involved armed robbery and murder by a black male who (perhaps) was the husband of the victim. So, the domestic violence and race issues would need to be treated somewhat carefully in the classroom.

They do a data analysis about the Simpsons. They discuss whether to model the Simpsons ratings with a parabola. It looked like an exponential decay after the initial growth. Nothing is really modeled with a quadratic so I did not like this one.

They do a pivot table on Titanic data. This one looks pretty good.

Obviously, we could develop different problems if we had interest. I don’t plan to make it a priority.

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