AMATYC: Placement Mini-Sessions


Placement mini-sessions:

First Session:

Pima is using multiple measures. They have a separate developmental education program. They have a non-cognitive assessment that may accelerate students by one placement level over Accuplacer. Only ¼ of eligible chose to accelerate. 63% of 20??? passed the class.

GPA and SAT/ACT can lead to college level placement.

HS GPA can bump one level.

This seems relatively conservative given current reform initiatives.

They are essentially bumping levels on the typical stack of developmental/college level courses.

Second Session:

Elgin Community College – Compass did predict some, but ACT scores together with Compass did not change much, GPA with Compass did help a lot.

They did talk about the large standard deviation on Compass as well.

The big upshot was that a 3.0 GPA indicated success almost regardless of Compass score. They moved 3.5 GPA’s from intermediate to college algebra. They moved 3.5 GPA’s with low placement scores into a combined intro/intermediate.

This could help with our STEM co-req. We could move just those who place into a certain course AND have a certain high school GPA. This could also replace the supplemental placement exam for engineering students.

Third Session:

Someone from somewhere in Oklahoma who changed slides very quickly did a summary of placement. It is rural there and there aren’t other schools nearby. It was a little too general for me. There was a lot of “Everyone in this room knows this,” and then talking about it anyway.

Fourth Session:

A speaker from Maryland (Baltimore, I think) spoke about the impact of Common Core on placement. (She also flipped the introductory slide faster than I hoped). So far it’s just about the Common Core and not the link to assessment.

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