Scaling Co-Requisite Models to Additional Pathways


Gary  Sigler et al from Texas State at Waco

Intermediate-College Algebra was their original co-req pairing. They had 4 weeks of developmental review (intensive intermediate algebra) followed by 10 weeks of College Algebra with additional just-in-time review. These are co-taught. I’m not sure if they have two teachers funded by magic*, or by high enrollment. It sounds like they have student tutors in there, too. (I’m having trouble understanding exactly what happens). Based on pictures it appears it is funded by magic*.

(We had a sidetrack on desks that can be written on with dry erase markers. There was no discussion of mess.)

They now have something called a Gen Ed Practicum that goes the first few weeks before College Algebra or Trigonometry. They have a MLA pairing, but it is not team taught.

I’m having trouble following and don’t expect to have much applicable to us. They just add an hour and some computers it seems. They are also able to fund the multiple tutors, and teachers.

*OK, the funding magic is explained- Texas funds based on how much the students make over minimum wage. The administration is willing to double fund because these students are likely to make more money and hence return more money. This is specific to this school. We have learned that there are 24 students in these classes. And there are multiple tutors (Perkins funded because of the school type).







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