Struggles while Designing an Ideal Co-Requisite Model


I will update this throughout the session. NB and MZ were at this session with me so there are several of us that HFC faculty can ask about this session.

The presenters were Heidi Barrett and Danielle Staples of Arapahoe Community College. Materials will be on the proceedings website. Their reflection on their models made this potentially very helpful if we go with a support/lab model.

Their QL developmental course feeds all courses that are not on the STEM. Their co-requisite course that is n0t for the STEM will also cover all other courses.

They are on the fifth version.

V1: 1 math teacher with a separate lab teacher and prep assignments. They had mixed reviews. They did test corrections and had to go to the Learning Lab. They had teacher conferences. The preps, reviews, test corrections, and conferences seemed positive. They had weak students with even more homework. One lab teacher had to talk with 14 teachers. It also increased workload on the instructors of the requisite course. They supported the math and not the student. <–Takeaway

V2: This is now face-to-face for some, but the courses are not linked yet. The community and the just-in-time help were viewed as positive. Some teachers were still overwhelmed. The paperwork was even worse because classroom teachers did not know whether to send to the F2F, or FLEX (V1 still existed) teacher. Takeaway –> The students at least liked the new lab portion better.

V3: The same teacher taught the lab and classroom sections. Time on task improved. The non-linked sections were stronger. Unfortunately they use MML and not all students had computers. Takeaway –> What do you do about the students who do not have technology with them? Yay- no grade exchanges!

V4: They had to go to 2-to-1 because of Colorado Law? on labs. The prep assignments were a barrier. Students wanted to work on their homework instead of the pre-reqs. <–Takeaway

V5: They added an assistant- it can be a student tutor, or an adjunct instructor. It was useful for training part-time faculty to run these sorts of classes. They switched to iPads from computers.

My big takeaway for HFC is that we should probably link the courses. If we aren’t delivering just-in-time review then focus on the requisite. If students are working independently you need a helper.







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