Google writes that Youtube now auto captions. I’ll probably test that later this weekend. I did want to show what adding auto captions did with an existing video.

A picture of the screen to start auto-captions.
Look for this screen to start your auto captioning.

It sort of got the words right . . .

This shows some of the (semicorrext captioning)
This shows some of the (semicorrext captioning)

I edited some of the captions to show I could. I’m not actually using this in class so I wasn’t very concerned about perfection. I corrected the first minute and 3 seconds in about 5 minutes. I left the rest wrong to give a sense of what needs fixing. Writing a script and recording this video took around 20 minutes. Captioning would take about another 20, although it might get quicker if I learned to speak slower and use the editor more efficiently. It does make the video viewable on a bus for students though.

Turn on captions and enjoy (especially the last 3 minutes).

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