Letter to Representative Trott (Sent 1/22/2017)

Mr. Jeff Morford

Representative David Trott
625 E Big Beaver Rd #204
Troy, MI 48083

Dear Mr. Trott:

I am not naïve and I know that with Republicans in control of the presidency and both houses of congress you will pursue the agenda of those whose votes you received. This will often not agree with my views about the best direction of the country. These differences are, however, in some ways trivial compared to the greater risk I now see.

I am disheartened beyond simple policy at some of the ways the Republic is going. While this is not directly your responsibility as a House member, the Senate ignored the constitution in not fulfilling its duty to advise and consent on the filling of a Supreme Court vacancy. Further, we have a president who has already resorted to telling petty, easily disprovable lies. Historically this has been one of the approaches autocrats use discredit a free press. The free press is essential to making sure the government does in fact represent the people and not just the interests of the leader and his inner circle. The president has called for registry of citizens based on religion. This strains, if not outright violates, the religious freedom clause of the Bill of Rights. The president has refused to let the people know what potential conflicts of interest he has. True he cannot legally have a conflict of interest outside of emoluments, but his lack of transparency will lead many to question his every decision.

I would like to try to preserve the democratic republic for my children and theirs. So, the list in the paragraph above worries me greatly.

I guess I write to you knowing that we will have differences in many policies. I hope, however, that we can agree that:

  • The president must report truthfully to the press. The president must stop attacking the press for doing their essential job.
  • The president must respect the first amendment. He must not single out people, or groups of people based on their ethnicity, or religion. He must respect the rights of people to peaceably assemble.
  • The president should release tax returns and other documents so that the people can be reassured that his decisions are based on his opinion of what is best for the people and not on what is best for his companies

I’m sure my list of bullets could be extended. However be aware that if the president, continues to attack the press, if he, or Congress call for registries of citizens based on their religion, if he, or Congress call for further restriction on voting, if he, or Congress try to roll back civil rights, if he, or Congress try (verb agreement corrected 1/23) to restrict access to health care- especially for women, then you will surely hear from me and see me.

I vote, I write letters, I mobilize others, I support financially candidates who share my views, and I will join protests to preserve the Republic and to ensure equal opportunity for its citizens.

Yours truly,

Jeff Morford

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