Email to Representative Trott RE:Immigration

I previously sent you a letter with a more moderate tone via USPS, but I’m inspired to write by  a cowardly act by Mr. Trump to ban refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The proximate cause of my writing is a friend who retweeted names from the St.Louis turned away in 1939 from the US. Many of the the names on the manifest of that ship were later killed in Auschwitz. The United States was wrong then and it is wrong now.

While immigration is largely the purview of the executive branch I hope I can have your reassurance that you will do all you can to change this decision. As a resident of the Detroit area who works in Dearborn, the Muslims I know are hard-working people seeking the best for their families like all Americans and American immigrants and indeed almost everyone in the world.

I hope the United States can continue to be an inspiration to the world and not a nation of cowards. I hope 80 years from now someone does not weep for the Syrians we are turning away as much as I weeped tonight for the Jews we turned away in 1939.

Feel free to respond. Be aware I will likely share the response on social media. And for God’s sake have some empathy.

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