Persistence and Completion Next Steps


I’ll list interesting things from this general session. I’m using my phone so expect minor errors. 

  • Posed by presenter: What makes a commitment to retention, persistence, and completion? Answered by presenter: [Shrug]
  • Posed by presenter: What is an ambitious goal? Attainable? Answered by presenter: [Shrug]
  • Comparison to peers can help. Is an institution’s graduation rate low compared to peers? (My question is what is a peer?)
  • [Assorted unrelated non-financial indicators- the other 6 are well defined. The comparison to peers for grad/retention is hard to change over a short time.]
  • Feds talking of bright red lines including 15% graduation rate for CC. HLC has surveyed some low and some high grad rate schools to look for correlations.
  • Q&A (& comment) What do you think works well? What ideas do you have?

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