Letter to Mike Pence


p style=”text-align:left;”>Mr. Mike Pence
1 Observatory Circle
US Naval Observatory
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Pence:

I am somewhat sure that you are not a simpleton. I am fairly sure you understand that national anthem protestors are trying to encourage an improvement in laws, policies, and procedures in this nation so that both law enforcement personnel AND the communities they serve can feel safe when they interact.

That is why it shocked me to see you take such a strong stance in support of the killing of civilians in this country by leaving the Colts game on October 8. I would be curious why anyone with empathy, or intellect would support the continued slaughter of innocent citizens without at least some reflection on whether this can be avoided.

Clearly, one reason you might do this is that you value the lives lost less than the political advantage you feel you gain by trying to create a straw man argument about supporting the military, or by portraying this as an either support police, or oppose police issue while ignoring the fact that solutions that protect police and the people they serve might exist. I hope that we have not elected someone so lacking in both thoughtfulness and empathy to the second highest position in the nation. I fear, however that we have.

I welcome your response.

Yours truly,

Jeffery C. Morford

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