Georgia Gwinett College has a lot of projects they do in their QR. I have notes in a book that will go in the Pro D drawer. They also promised to put the PowerPoint in the proceedings.

I did think of one idea while they were talking. Get census data on all Michigan counties and do statitistical things with the data. It could included both raw percentages per county and weighted averages by population. This would be more of a fall 2018 project than a winter 2018 project at this point, however because I need to check its viability before even typing it up.

The next session is a Dana QR/co-req session. I mostly want to hear what people think. It will probably not be ICTCM #4.

One teacher approached me afterwards and answered a question I had about group projects. She suggested that I have students do an individual component before the group part starts. Then it is less likely that someone can do nothing. (Emphasis on less likely).

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