My CTEI co-director suggested I use Padlet. It is an app that allows you to create documents together. Currently I am using it for the task of keeping shopping lists. It can do much more.

A basic padlet
A basic Padlet

The lists and types of documents remind me of Pinterest. You can make these public, password protected, or hidden- URL is not searchable, but those with the URL can edit. The content does not have to be just text. You can post images. You can post documents such as PDF.

You can change the background. You can use more expressive formats than just columns to organize (although why would you?).

One drawback is that free users can only create 3 Padlets at a time and annual plans cost $99.  You do get no ads, folders, and larger files for that price. You can also point a domain you own at your Padlet site. $99 seems high to me and the free version does not let you experiment with their folder system to see how it works. For now I think I will use different tools for classroom collaboration. For users without an LMS or who want more creativity than an LMS often gives, or those who do not want to use tools from companies like Google this might make more sense.

I do like it better than using Alexa, or Google Assistant to maintain a shopping list.

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